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Concise CSS Framework for Lightweight Web Development

The Concise CSS framework is a completely free open source lightweight option for frontend developers. It’s written... Read More

Create 3D Shapes in CSS with Tridiv Editor

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30 Tasty Food Mobile App Designs for Foodies

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Pornbots for two weeks captured 2500 popular Twitter accounts

Symantec has reported a surge of pornbots activity on Twitter. Within two weeks, someone hacked into about... Read More

Data leakage of LINKEDIN prompted MICROSOFT to ban weak passwords

After a large-scale leakage of LinkedIn service data, which occurred last week, Microsoft experts have decided that... Read More


US Chamber of Accounts has published a report which clearly shows: the federal departments of the country... Read More

How to Use the Repeat Grid Tool in Adobe XD

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to use the repeat grid tool in Adobe Experience... Read More

A resident of Sweden has created a web site for translation of subtitles for the films, and he faces prison for it

Almost ten years ago, in Sweden there was a site Undertexter.se, created by enthusiasts for translating subtitles... Read More

New generation of TOR will use the distributed random number generation

Group TOR developers gathered for the week in the Canadian city of Montreal, to focus on developing... Read More

Not all Chromebooks will adapt applications for Android

Earlier this month, Google announced that in the near future devices based on Chrome OS will support... Read More